“Reaching out full potential.”

District Strategic Objective:   Move all students toward learning targets

  •   Maintain and Improve Vision Level for all grade levels and MCA II reading
  •  All subgroups meet index/safe harbor targets – MCA II reading
  •  Maintain and Improve Vision Level for all grade levels – MCA II math   

District Stratgic Objective:   Integrate technology and provide facilities to improve instruction and efficiency

  • Technology infusion into instruction at Vision Level
  • Review and further implement technology scope and sequence

Strategic Objective:   Align curriculum and improve instruction around student needs

  • Current math curriculum map will be utilized in all grades
  • Partner with district in development of reading, science, and music curriculum maps

Strategic Objective:   Create a culture that embraces change for continuous improvement

  • Maintain vision level for the percentage of staff actively engaged in PLC’s and reporting utilization of strategies/practices gained from PLC Involvement
  • Maintain vision level of parents of students surveyed indicate they experience a safe learning environment

Strategic Objective:   Educate and engage the community

  • Increase the awareness, understanding, and experiences our children have with cultural diversity