Greetings from the principal’s office and Happy New Year! I hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful winter break! As you probably know, we are almost at the halfway point in the school year. Our winter benchmark assessments will take place January 9th-17th and your child’s results will be shared with you during conferences on January 29th, 31st or February 1st. As we proceed into the third grading period, know that the school curriculum pace increases and the most complex information is being taught by the Wilson teaching staff. Thus, it is critical that our students are consistently here at school ready to learn. We also look forward to the second session of our after school program starting on February 12th. Together, home and school can make an effective team working toward the academic success of our children. In closing, I thank you for all you do to support the Wilson teachers and support staff. Here is to a great 2019!

What an incredible Winter Concert by Jessica Dant! Enjoy a few videos and pictures from the concert!


Melodee Hoffner, Principal

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