Homework for First Graders?

Yup! We are expecting 10 minutes of reading each night. Parents reading to their kids certainly counts but you'll find that the kids will become better and better readers as the year progresses. Be sure that they read to you as well. You may want to point to the words as you read as this is a great way for students learn the basic concepts of print (reading left to right, moving down the page). It will also help them learn to read high frequency words.

There will be a math Home link (a practice page of the things we worked on in class that day) almost every day. If you don't see one ask your child about it! (It may just be that they or I forgot it! But they should be getting them home and then back our "In Basket"

We may start spelling towards the middle of 3rd quarter. The spelling would focus on high frequency words (like: there, of, has) and phonetic words (like: man, shed, compost...compost? Well you can sound it out!)